Save the Date: August 3rd through 9th!


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Save the Date: August 3rd through 9th!

Save the Date: August 3rd through 9th is Highlander Week of Service!


Traditionally, Highlander Day of Service pays homage to UC Riverside’s national recognition as a leader in community service. This year, due to COVID-19, we can't gather in groups to perform community service, but we CAN gather virtually.   Join us in August for an awesome week of community service.   We are nothing if not innovative and resilient!  We are Highlanders! 

Take a look at the impact you had in 2019! 

  • 3,696 food kits assembled for low income seniors, women, and children in LA County
  • 20 bags of trash, 3 tires, and 5 gallons of used motor oil removed from Watkins Drive near campus
  • 3,533 care packages assembled for the troops
  • 3 barrels of weeds removed from the community garden
  • 15,000 diapers bundled for low income families
  • 90 cubic yards of mulch placed and 100 trash and recycling bins cleaned on the UCR campus
  • And much more!


The map below shows the locations of projects for HDOS 2019.  Put your project on the map in 2020!